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50 Killer Apps for your USB

By Daniel Taylor on August 25, 2011

These free apps don't require any installation. With portable applications, all you have to do is plug in your USB and run the program without the hassle of installing the program or leaving traces behind. If you like these portable apps, many of them also have an installer allowing you to install the program on your computer for more speed and accessibility.

Firefox 5 Features

By Daniel Taylor on June 21, 2011

Mozilla just released Firefox 5, the first version following their new rapid release development cycle. Most of the new features in this release are geared towards web standards and other under the hood features. But there are a few notable features.

This new version comes with a major update in support for HTML 5 and MathML. It also has increased support for Canvas and support for CSS animation has also been added. Security has been given a facelift as well with a new feature called "Do Not Track." Checking this new option allows users to automatically tell websites that they wish to opt out of behavioral tracking.

Phi: A Magical Number

By Daniel Taylor on June 19, 2011

Have you ever heard of phi? No, I am not talking about fee-fi-fo-fum from Jack and the Beanstalk. The phi (pronounced fi like "fly") I'm talking about the mathematical constant with properties just as magical as the beans in Jack and the Beanstalk. This constant is referred to by many names including the Golden Ratio, Golden Number, Golden Section, Golden Mean, and Devine Number, but is normally referred to as the Golden ratio because of how the number is derived mathematically.

Tables != Layout

By Daniel Taylor on June 14, 2011

Tables exist in HTML for one reason and one reason only: To display tabular data. That's it. Then border="0" came along and made it possible to make a table to organize data without being able to see the table itself. Which then led to tables being used to lay everything out on all beginner websites and even some professional websites. The time has come for this to stop. Professional websites are now designed in a way that makes the website more flexible and more functional, not to mention the massive increase in the readability of the code. Still on the edge? Let me change that for you.

Ninite - The Universal Installer

By Daniel Taylor on June 14, 2011

Getting a virus and having to reformat your computer wouldn't be so bad if you didn't lose all of your favorite programs. But it happens to everyone. Viruses and malware troll theinternet just waiting for some unexpecting user to come by. Then they attack and there isn't much you can do about it. The virus will ravage your computer until all hope is lost and your only hope of regaining use of your computer is to reformat the computer. And every program you ever installed is gone too.